The Guyette family

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Two tigers

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Full house

I’ve noticed in these photos of very large families that the wife is rarely smiling…

The family of Frank Guyette and Josephine Roberts of Wisconsin

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The ugly rug

We needed a rug to cover a stain on the floor. We didn’t want to spend much for a rug that the cats were likely to destroy.

We looked in several stores but couldn’t find anything that we liked. We finally found a rug just the right size – but it was ugly. A friend who was shopping with us agreed that it was an ugly rug. It was so ugly, I was tempted to ask for a discount on it as I didn’t think it was worth $30.

Apparently our cats don’t think it’s such an ugly rug.

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where hobbies, hijinks, and capers go bad = my childhood #2

I didn't have my glasses on....

another day, another hobby.

in the late 60s

this was a book that i longed to own

i loved to get mail and loved to get free things

what could go wrong?

i used my saved-up coins to send in for the book

and could not wait to begin using it

i read it from cover to cover

marking pages, checking off favorites

 began writing notes, stuffing envelopes, and ordering things

using stamps that i found in a junk drawer

before i knew it i had a small collection of

weird government brochures, lists of tips, tables, charts, and recipes

none of which were really of any use to me

but i didn’t care what any of it was

as long as it came in the mail and it was free

my pile grew and grew

until it didn’t

when once again

i realized that i had no income

had used…

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Mother’s Day without Mom

I’ve thought about Mom every day since she died in December. Her death has left me with a huge void in my heart. The week leading up to Mother’s Day has been difficult for me. We have to expect that we will eventually lose our parents. But that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the loss.

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The Divine Miss Skittles

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