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DWP offers intensive support for any dog failing to find a bone after 2 years

Originally posted on alittleecon:
The title above refers to this press release today from the DWP: Work Programme leavers targeted by specialist advisers as part of a tough approach to get them into a job. A more honest title would…

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We’re in the money?

I saw a headline flash across my TV screen this morning.  The State of Wisconsin wants access to the bank accounts of the unemployed in order to freeze the accounts and recover overpayments of unemployment benefits. While I agree with … Continue reading

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Necessity is the mother of re-invention

I had an interview yesterday with a temporary agency.  I had been a temporary employee many years ago and I was never out of work as a temp.  I’m not sure if I interviewed as well as I would have … Continue reading

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Entered Emory, Fell Out of Emory, $60,000 in Debt

Originally posted on Prometheus Unbound:
A cautionary tale of students from lumpen proletariat American families (families that sell their labor but have no assets to speak of) in the New York Times recently: Angelica Gonzales marched through high school in Goth…

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Blog — The Battle We Didn’t Choose

Blog — The Battle We Didn’t Choose. I’ve been trying to follow Angelo on Twitter but haven’t really decided that I want to read Twitter every day. When I look at the photos of Jen, I don’t always see Jen, … Continue reading

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Hoping that the Present Generation of Veterans Gets the Same Kind of Respect We Give the Greatest Generation

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Right now that hope is a little dim, given that the wars we have now are coming to a close (if we can call it that) with more of a whimper than a VE Day/VJ Day…

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Health care for all?

I’ve been dreading the upcoming end of my health insurance coverage through COBRA although I will no longer have to pay several hundred dollars a month for the coverage when it ends in September. I’m not sure what Obamacare will … Continue reading

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