Be Yourself

“Be Yourself.” Another phrase I heard from Stephen and I took it to heart. He was annoyed by people who acted pretentious or who always seemed to be acting a part. He was genuine in his own life and I appreciated that he never tried to change me.

How can I be myself in a world where I am expected to play a part?  I ask myself this question everyday as I continue to search for work. I’ve been told that I should lie about my age, lie about my previous salary, and put on a false face because these are the things I need to do to find a job. I need to appear less serious and should use my feminine wiles to impress the interviewer.

I’m not going to lie about my age or employment history. I avoid job listings that require me to be bubbly and energetic as I know the employer is going to be disappointed when he or she meets me. But I know who I am. When I am shopping, I am the one that customers approach in a store because they think I work there. I appear calm and serious but have been told I have a nice smile. I finish my work and am helpful to clients.

If I am interviewed for a company that needs a perky extrovert, I know I’m the wrong person for the job and I can accept that. If they need someone who works hard and can give them 200%, then I hope that shows in my demeanor and my answers during the interview. And of course, I’m smiling more as I need the practice!  I know I’ll eventually find the place where I fit in. I think I should continue being myself – unless I’m looking for an acting part.


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