Being Economical with the Truth

Honestly, I don’t know what’s true anymore.  Either someone is being “economical with the truth” or outright lying.  I never have a problem with the “white lie” if it’s meant to spare my feelings.  I can usually spot the white lie and I appreciate the attempt to make me feel better.

I’ve spent several months applying for jobs online and only this morning discovered that many of my applications are for jobs that may not be real. Marketing companies post fake job listings on real internet job boards only to phish for personal information. Other than the applications and resumes I’ve sent by email or on corporate websites, I feel I’ve wasted months of job-hunting because I can’t be sure anyone has ever read my resume for the hundreds of job applications I’ve submitted. Everywhere we turn, we’re confronted by fraud and misrepresentation. I’ve even created a second blog dealing with fraud – I have enough scams sent to me daily to post for a long time. See Frauds and Scams –

And our government is lying to us. That’s not a surprise, is it? Are all the recent lies meant to save the backsides of those in power or to cover-up something bigger that we’re not going to be happy about later when these people have left office? One thing I’m certain about, their little white lies are not going to make me feel better.

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