DWP offers intensive support for any dog failing to find a bone after 2 years

Unemployment is not only an American problem. What do we expect when asking for help in finding a job? The Department of Labor & Workforce Development offers a list of seminars for resume writing and interview tips. The jobseeker can also access the Department’s website showing hundreds of local job opportunities that the applicant can apply for and then never receive a call for an interview. After receiving benefits for about one year, the job seeker is cut off from all unemployment benefits. It is believed that the warning letter from Unemployment about the termination of benefits will force the unemployed person to magically find a job. If it were only that easy.


The title above refers to this press release today from the DWP:

Work Programme leavers targeted by specialist advisers as part of a tough approach to get them into a job.

A more honest title would end with “… a tough approach to get them off Jobseeker’s Allowance”, as getting someone a job seems to come a distant second to those at the DWP.

Anyway, the press release is about what action will be taken once the private sector Work Programme provider has failed to find work for someone (or bullied them into being chucked off JSA) after 2 years (!!!). Apparently, those poor souls are going to be “targeted by a hit squad of specialist advisors”, which doesn’t sound too pleasant, but also begs the question of what the hell the Work Programme provider has being doing for the previous two years.

It all comes down to the same…

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One Response to DWP offers intensive support for any dog failing to find a bone after 2 years

  1. There’s some kind of marginal benefit to offering this kind of assistance, which I think should be offered, but limited. At some point, if the job-seeker is relying entirely on a government entity to help them find a job, then they’re never going to find one – or at least they won’t find one that they want to stay in for any significant period of time.

    At least in the states (I don’t want to assume too much here) every company of any size whatsoever has a website with its open positions listed. Every job listed will have the job requirements, educational/training requirements, etc. If you’re looking for a job and you meet the requirements, off you go. If you don’t meet the requirements, but want the job, then go to school/get training/take whatever steps you need to land the gig.

    How did anyone find a job before a government agency was created to help people find jobs? It must have been sheer chaos without the guiding hand of government intervening to assist everyone.

    In the longer run, though, keeping people on public unemployment benefits for extended periods of time will, surprisingly, result in more people being on unemployment benefits for longer periods of time. In the states, it was extended to 2 full years of unemployment benefits. 2 years of being paid (not a lot, but something) to do nothing. There *are* jobs out there, there are many of them, but because people are getting an unemployment check every week, which is close to what they would net if they were working, people make the rational (though irresponsible) choice not to work.

    There is no way to strike a perfect balance. But being unemployed for a year, or two years, and having that on a resume’, well – if I was a hiring manager, that resume’ would be quickly discarded, and there’s a reason. There are dozens of other resumes that don’t have blank spots where their employment record should be.

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