Best Place to be Unemployed

A recent post by a young blogger made me rethink my latest rants about leaving home to start over in (insert any state or country you can think of.) My desired location changes every day it seems. But it doesn’t make sense to leave the NYC area and go somewhere where I know less opportunities exist. I know I can’t afford to stay here if I can’t find a job but perhaps I need to remember where I lived before coming to this supposed land of opportunity (the Northeast.) I may not be able to land one of the many jobs available in the area but perhaps I can create an opportunity for myself that would not be possible somewhere else. Thank you Under Thirty and Unemployed. I needed that reminder.

Under Thirty and Unemployed

I have thought more about what I would really be risking when it came to uprooting myself and taking a chance on somewhere like Los Angeles or New York City. Seeing as there are little to no opportunities in typical midwest cities I have been balancing the pros and cons more lately. I don’t really think it would be a huge risk to go for my dreams, however big or small they may be. I am at a time when I really have nothing to lose and if it’s becoming the biggest real estate investor in NYC or hustling my way through Hollywood it doesn’t seem that crazy to me somehow. I am not afraid what people will think if I fail because staying in my hometown and working a pathetic job that high school dropouts qualify for seems like more of a failure to me.

BUT, that being said…

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