Daily rant: Unemployment

I can’t believe I just vented using the Contact form for Jobs4Jersey, the State’s online job listing board. But I hope they call me because I have a few things I’d like to say – and I’m sure they won’t want to hear it.   I tried to apply for two jobs this morning and was redirected to Geebo applications requiring me to do surveys and then wade through pages of ads only to find there was no path to apply for the jobs that were listed.  This is becoming more common in my job search.  Has anyone ever found a valid job using Monster, Geebo, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Snagajob or Indeed.com?  I have never received any interest from my applications to legitimate companies featured at those sites.  The major newspaper for my area is full of fake jobs as well.  (My Frauds and Scams blog contains mostly job scams these days.)  Any companies that have responded to me I have sourced myself by applying directly to company websites or by submitting resumes to companies (even if not hiring) found in my local yellow pages.  I haven’t found the local temporary agencies to be very helpful.  I had a real job interview yesterday for a company that advertised a job on craigslist.  That was a pleasant surprise.  But I need a large quantity of open job listings to keep up my job search momentum.  I have applied for more than 250 positions or companies and am no closer to finding a job as I was when I began my search months ago.

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6 Responses to Daily rant: Unemployment

  1. Robert says:

    I have had decent success with CareerBuilder in the past. I’ve had two jobs in my career that were applied for through careerbuilder, and I seen the other side (as a part-time recruiting assistant) enough to be relatively sure that the company does what they say they do.

    Part of the reason that many companies will not respond is due to the way EEO (equal employment opportunity) regulations stipulate that online applicants be recorded. Part of a company being able to say that they are an EEO employer is to complete an EEO-1 report each year, and a large part of that is listing all recruiting activities.

    This list will include status information from all applicants (race, gender, veteran and disability status) and then list who was selected. Companies must also store all the applications submitted, with resume data etc. Storage of this type of information is minor for small companies, but large corporations may spend thousands in storage costs (computer space, security, etc.)

    With online applications, this can be a ton of individuals. However, one of the largest factors telling a company if they must consider you as a “serious applicant’ and therefore include your application in the report is – did the company respond to the applicant. So, most companies don’t respond.

    • Natasha says:

      Thank you for your comment on my post. I was not aware of what is involved in EEO compliance. I am also aware that employers use software to search keywords in resumes in order to view only the resumes that pass the keyword search. I’ll never know if my resume has been read by an employer unless I’ve actually been called for an interview.

  2. ricksamer66 says:

    I would say my success rate on those sites was about 1 to 1.5 percent. I think they just get so many applications that they can’t even look at them all. Also, they probably look for the tiniest reason to not consider an application. Robots allow zero wiggle room and are not known for their abstract thought. At least not yet, anyways.

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