I am my brother’s keeper

Charity one person at a time. I notice more and more people on the streets these days with cardboard signs reading, “Will work for food.” I don’t know of any long term solutions to help people in need. But they need a long term solution to their problem.


Tolstoy wrote, “My piece of bread only belongs to me when I know that everyone else has a share, and that no one starves while I eat”.

Is there anyone that can really argue with that statement? And if they would, why in the hell would you want them in your society?

But we have these people in our society, and as a matter of fact these types of people are venerated.

So my question is, after all these thousands of years of human development, how have we not progressed past the point that we value something as ephemeral as “money” over the sanctity of human life?

How have humans over every other species on this planet decided that it is not just okay, but admirable, to hoard more resources than anyone will ever need?

How can someone in this age, where you can see on television, and read in…

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