Catching up

I received a call from a friend with whom I lost contact several years ago.  M. and his wife were cleaning out their house for sale and preparing to move south.  M. came across Richard’s business card and thought he’d catch up with his old Navy buddy.  I hate the initial discomfort in telling Richard’s old friends that Richard passed away eight years ago.  M. and his wife were just one of a few friends who had just mysteriously stopped sending Christmas cards and Richard and M. had both retired from the Navy so we lost contact over the years.  M. was surprised and saddened to hear that Richard had passed away.

I’m glad he called though. I feel so isolated during the day while I am job hunting and the call from an old friend was a welcome break.  Catching up involved telling him what has gone in my life even though my news of job loss and second widowhood is really depressing.  But we were able to share some good memories of past years on our many Navy drill weekends.  I know that M. was disappointed that he would never speak to Richard again but his call meant a lot to me.  Navy friends are forever friends.

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