Lessons learned this week: on the job hunt

I applied for 24 positions this week (according to my work search record form.)  Although I need to apply for only three positions per week to continue receiving unemployment benefits, I know that it would take me years to find a job if I made only three applications per week.  I’ve been unemployed for more than a year now. To be fair, the first six months of job hunting were not as aggressive as the last few months as I was taking care of my terminally ill husband.  But who knew that it would take this long to find a job? I’m applying for professional as well as entry level positions.  My latest approach to job hunting is quantity over quality.  I have submitted more than 250 applications or resumes.

So far only three of the jobs I applied for this week have turned out to be scams.

I signed up with a third agency at the end of the week.  The first two haven’t called me and are not returning messages.

I received rejection emails from a major retailer and a rental car agency.  As for the store, I can’t imagine what special skills are needed for stocking shelves or running a cash register.  And I guess I won’t have to work nights at the exit booth at the airport for a company that requires a bachelor’s degree to do this kind of work.  I am no longer feeling bad when I receive the rejection emails.  I don’t feel anything at all.

I applied for a lower level position with my former company and find that they are now using the psychological assessment exam that is used by companies such as Target, Walmart, Home Depot, etc.  So it is possible that I might be rejected by my former employer of 18 years if I don’t appropriately answer the personality questions.

I went to an interview with a local trucking company that was looking for a part time office girl.  I applied for the position; so did a number of middle-aged professional men who were desperate enough to apply for the part time office admin position on craigslist.  As I haven’t heard anything since the interview, I have to assume that the office girl position was given to one of the men.  That’s fine even though I was willing to accept the job.  During the interview, I was asked if I would work for cash (1099) and after the 1099 concept was explained to me, I said I would work under those conditions.  I’ve had a lot of thinking about that and wonder if I should expect to take 1099 work until I can find a permanent job.  I haven’t talked with my accountant about it so I’m not sure it makes good business sense to work as an independent contractor.  But at least I’m thinking about alternative forms of employment.  Companies aren’t likely to be willing to hire full or part time workers until Obamacare enrollment becomes mandatory and they know if they want to provide health insurance.  I’ve already made the decision to be uninsured (ie. pay the penalty) as I won’t be able to afford medical insurance.  So I’m eating right and staying active and hoping I don’t have an accident that will cause me to test the new health care system as an uninsured American.  If I have to choose between paying property taxes and health insurance premiums, I know that I’m better off paying the property taxes.

I learned this week that there are some real jobs on craigslist.  The position for the trucking company was real.  That was a nice surprise.

I met a person last night who was very upbeat about looking for work.  However, the only interviews she is getting are in New York City and she lost her full-time job 1-1/2 years ago.  It is good to see someone happy about the process. I will be happy though if I hear that she actually gets a job.

But I’m not getting discouraged.  I seem to be pushing on more aggressively as I receive more rejections.  I wonder how long I can keep up this pace?

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