Daily Prompt: The Island of Misfit Posts


It’s difficult to think of anything that doesn’t belong in my blog now even though it started as a personal journal in which I discussed my thoughts on my rose garden, death and remembrance.  I created a separate blog Frauds and Scams to post all of the scams I receive daily in my email or in the news.  Those posts didn’t really fit in Natasha’s Memory Garden.

At the beginning, I shared my blog address with only a few friends and relatives.  I’m not sure that everyone I know will understand or appreciate what I feel like writing on a particular day.  I feel comfortable writing for strangers.  I gave my mother my blog address as a way to self-censor my writing  –  I should give Mom more credit for being open-minded.  I don’t think she would be horrified by my private thoughts and I’m not planning to disclose any terrible family secrets.

I now write freely about dark subjects such as death, cancer, unemployment as well as share links to well-written human interest stories that make me cry.  I have avoided discussing politics, although I’ve posted a few items concerning the Affordable Care Act.  Health insurance is a recent worry and it ties in well with my thoughts on unemployment.

The time will come when I’ll create another blog in which I can freely discuss difficult topics such as politics and religion.  Only when I think I’m ready for the certain criticisms that will come my way.  It doesn’t take much to be misunderstood.

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