Daily Prompt: Morality play


I can’t say that I’ve derived my morals from one source.  I’m happy that Mom and Dad sent my brother and me to church when we were children.  They didn’t attend church but knew it was important that we learned the basics.  The church provided us with an education on morals that are useful in secular society as well.

I’ve gone through agnostic periods every few years now but still believe the basic principles of the faith of my childhood.  My problems begin though when I realize that the people of the church don’t behave as one would expect from church-going people. That doesn’t invalidate what I’ve been taught.

Mom and Dad were strict so we knew we had to behave while they were watching – and much of the time behaved well when we were out of their sight.  What they don’t know won’t hurt them.  I’m prepared to answer for that later on.

Morals are relative for some people.  I know right from wrong but I know that no one wants to hear my unsolicited opinions.  I’ll say something if someone is facing danger or is asking my advice.  I find that many people rationalize their bad behavior and will do what they planned to do anyway.

My conscience tells me that certain behaviors are either good or bad.  We all know right from wrong, don’t we?   And none of us are perfect.

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