Heat wave

Monday was a nothing day.  There are few jobs to apply for on a Monday.  I ended the day sitting on the front porch with my cat Alex and chatting with my neighbor.  Yes, Alex is still holding on with his cancer.  He doesn’t walk very fast but he’s not showing enough of a decline to make that dreaded visit to the vet.  It has been oppressively hot. There was enough of a breeze though to make Alex’s whiskers flutter.

Tuesday was a more productive day.  I attended a luncheon held by the hospital foundation.  I met some nice people and a director at the Cancer Center showed interest in my offer to volunteer.  The Director of Volunteers at the main hospital had some concerns though. She thought I should wait a year or more after Stephen’s death before working with patients.  I’ll complete the volunteer application and hope I’m accepted anyway.  I’m having trouble finding a job.  I don’t want to be turned away for volunteer work too.

I had a phone interview later in the day.  When the recruiter called, he informed me that the position had been filled that day.  Did I still want to have the interview?   I agreed to interview and collected a few additional STAR interview questions that I can use for future interviews.  I didn’t do badly this time.  It’s too bad the position is no longer available.  I don’t get my hopes up anymore when I have an interview so I won’t be too disappointed when I don’t get the job.

It’s too hot to care about much right now.

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