Daily Prompt: The artist’s eye


Sometimes I get fixated on a photo or a painting and can’t think of anything else until I find something else to get obsessed about.

I remember taking my stepfather to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York when he came to visit from New Orleans.   He and I kept walking back to the same paintings and stared at them together for long periods of time.  It seemed almost that he and I saw the same things in those paintings.

I had one of those obsessive moments in December when I returned to Florida after being away from home for thirty years.  Why didn’t I go home for thirty years?  That’s another story for another time.

Mom, my nephew, his girlfriend and I walked downtown Pensacola on Christmas Eve while Mom and I reminisced about the city we remembered so many years ago.  My nephew wanted to stop in at the Quayside Art Gallery.  I remembered the gallery because my grandfather had been associated with it in the late 1970s-early 1980s.

We walked through the gallery exhibits but I kept walking back to one of the gallery rooms to stare at a print called Rocky Mountain Sunset by Raid Amin.  It was a photo taken from the skies over the Rockies but it had a different meaning to me.  Stephen had recently died and I think of him wherever he is now – of course, he is in the better place.  From my view, the photo appeared to be taken from heaven as if one were standing on a cloud looking down through the orange and yellow sky.  If I put myself in the place of the photographer, I could imagine that I was looking through a hole in the divide between heaven and earth to the earth below.  The photo was mesmerizing and calming to me.  But the photo was $150 and I was unwilling to spend the money.  I remembered the photographer’s name and thought I’d look him up when I got home.   I hoped I would forget about the print.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  A month later, I called the gallery and asked them to tell me that they still had the photo because I wanted to buy it.  They gave me the Dr. Amin’s contact information and he arranged to ship it to me at a cost that was almost the cost of the print.  I didn’t care about the cost though.  Dr. Amin must have thought I was just a little strange to desperately want a photo  that he had taken more than 10 years ago and would pay to have it shipped to New Jersey.  I know he was flattered too.

My living room wall never looked so good.  And it’s all right that the photo has a different meaning than the one I have assigned to it.

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4 Responses to Daily Prompt: The artist’s eye

  1. A wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it.


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