Weekly writing challenge: A love story


They met a few years ago.  She was widowed and he was divorced.  They became good friends and then he told her he loved her.  It didn’t take very long for her to tell him she loved him too.  But they didn’t have the usual courtship.  He was afraid and needed more time.  She said she’d wait for him.

But still they did everything together.  They enjoyed afternoon rides in his antique car and worked together on their ever-expanding garden.  They were always planning some sort of money making scheme or house project.  He was quite a talker and she enjoyed listening to him even though he could talk for hours.  They talked about their future together and talked about leaving the country to start again somewhere else.  He often spoke to her about marriage but said he needed to be ready for it and that his proposal and their marriage would be on the spur of the moment.   Again she said she’d wait for him.

They finally moved in together.  He soon became ill and needed much care.  She lost her job and decided that the termination was a good thing because she could care for him full-time.   But he wasn’t getting better and they knew it was time for him to be admitted to the hospital.   His pain became unbearable and the doctors soon discovered that he had end stage cancer.  She lived with him in the hospital and looked after him.  Late one night, he asked her to marry him.  She said yes and they were married a couple of days later at his hospital bedside.   He was ready and they married on the spur of the moment as he had predicted.

He was afraid that she would leave him but she assured him that she would stay.  He and she both hoped that he would get better.  ‘Resentment’ wanted her to leave but she refused and stayed and cared for him as she had promised.  He was no longer able to speak but they didn’t need words anymore.   On his final day, she was holding his right hand as his daughter held his left hand.

She is still in love with him.

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