Weekly Writing Challenge: Facebook – a love/hate relationship


I’ve read that Facebook was designed for young people…

It all started with my fake profile on Myspace.  I didn’t add any friends that I knew – just a few bands who wanted some exposure on the internet.

Then my husband Stephen decided that he wanted a Facebook profile.  I set up a profile for him and created a fake Facebook profile for myself so he could quickly get his first Facebook friend.  I created a second Facebook profile for him when he forgot his Facebook and email passwords.  From that day on, I kept a password book for him as well.  He didn’t use a computer much but having a Facebook profile made him feel connected to the world.

I created a few fake profiles for myself – mostly favorite cartoon characters or my cats (who had human names.)  I don’t know why I created the profiles – they were just for fun – but then a nephew asked me if I had multiple personality disorder and I decided it was time to delete the sock puppet profiles.

Finally, I created a real Facebook profile for myself.  One with my real name, and my jobs, and my relationship status. But it took time for me to feel comfortable with each detail I added.  Before I posted a photo or detail, I thought about how that information might be viewed by my friends – long before I was looking for a job opportunity.  The relationship status was the final detail added to my profile.  I never displayed the relationship status but since I was confusing everyone with my alternate married names, I thought it best to indicate after Stephen’s death that I was widowed.

Many of my friends overshare on Facebook.  They don’t mind the controversies they start with their opinions on politics, religion, and sex.  I check my Facebook page daily to make sure that they haven’t posted anything on my page that will make a future employer think twice about hiring me.

My Facebook friends are some of the funniest people I know.  But they’re playing to a friendly audience.   I’m not sure how many friends I’d have if I wrote about my daily struggles with unemployment.  No one wants to read depressing personal stories on Facebook.

Although I tell everyone I will never play Facebook games, no one ever listens to me and I get game requests daily.  I guess they don’t understand that when I say “no,” I mean “ no,” and don’t expect to change my mind some day only to join them in their addiction to Candy Crush.

My friends’ posts are important to me as I might not know about important events in their lives unless they posted them.  I don’t check Facebook as much as I have in the past but I have to check it at least once a day.  I find that one of the most important things I can do is to remember to wish someone a happy birthday.

Otherwise I don’t really care much about Facebook since I found WordPress…

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