Holiday week: unemployment

I wrote last week about a skills seminar I attended with other unemployed professionals at the local unemployment office.  It took several days for the recruiter’s harsh advice to sink in and I know it’s affecting my attitude about job hunting.

I applied for twelve positions this week.  There were so few job listings because of the Thursday holiday but an unemployed person can’t take days off from job hunting.  The job scams were scarce this week as well.   I normally have enough of them to post at least one or two per day at my Frauds and Scams blog but instead have had to fill in with fraud stories in the news.  Who knew that scammers celebrate the holiday?

I submitted my volunteer application along with resume and medical reports to the local hospital.  I hope my services as a volunteer will be accepted.

I continue to cold call and email companies to find opportunities.  I appreciate it when my friends introduce me to one of their business contacts.  But when they ask me how the contact turned out, I realize they don’t understand:

Nothing will come of my meeting with a company if no position is available.  When a position is posted, I am likely to be forgotten unless I make a nuisance of myself to my contact at the company.

People are being polite when they say they’ll consider someone’s unemployed friend for a job. Companies have many applicants to choose from – the unemployed do not get preference. Usually, the unemployed are not considered at all.

But I’ll continue to meet with my friends contacts. It may be the only way to get my foot in the door to have someone read my resume.

The LinkedIn website has a notification feature to let me know when a potential employer has viewed my profile.  I have had no profile views for the past few weeks.

I continue to receive offers to become a financial sales advisor or start my own franchise business.  Note this line from a recent email from a company who thinks I’d make a great salesperson: “Did you know that the Financial Advisor profession is consistently ranked as one of the most desirable careers in the United States?”  No, it’s not!  I’m familiar with the responsibilities of the Financial Advisor.   And I’m not a salesperson.  A job that pays no income or benefits (commission only) is not a suitable position for someone who needs an income to pay bills every month.  It might be good position for a person who has income from another household member but  not for a single person making it on her own.  The company is not paying the advisor – the advisor must generate his or her own income.  Essentially, I would be running my own business.  I don’t have to work for a company to do that.  I can fail very well on my own.

I’m interested to see how the delay of the employer mandate for Obamacare will play out in the job market – will we see more hiring or less in the next few months?   Employers have been blaming the introduction of Obamacare for their reluctance to hire new employees.

I was told that a friend just landed a job after a year of unemployment.  She had help from a friend inside the company.  I’m happy for her. I don’t hear many success stories.

I shopped at Target and chatted briefly with a middle-aged cashier as he scanned my groceries.   He told me that he had lost his white-collar job and got tired of the run-around and age bias in his job search.  So he applied to Target.  That was ten years ago.  He wasn’t bitter though.  I hope I can feel the same acceptance if I am unable to find anything other than a retail position.

I know I’m depressed about my unemployment but there is no pill that will take away the feelings I have right now.

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