Daily Prompt: Tables Turned


Having my photo taken has always been a terror for me.  Too much criticism over the years makes it difficult for me to “perform” well enough for the photographer to take a good photo of me.  And the comments from my friends/bullies didn’t help.

“Why don’t you smile?”

“You’re ugly.”

“You’re not as attractive as your brother.”

And so on…

My baby photos show me either crying my eyes out or otherwise looking like an unhappy baby.  I never show my school photos to anyone.   I can’t stand to look at them either.  Such nice keepsakes from my childhood.  But they are a testament to the fact that my looks have probably improved over the years.

Sometimes I allow myself to be dragged into a photo with family or friends but only after they make a scene about my camera shyness.  I learned early on that I could avoid this by offering to take the photos.  I was the one who annoyed everyone as I took photos at every Christmas and birthday party or weekend get-together.  Others seemed to know exactly what to do when I pointed the camera at them and didn’t have any reservations about being photographed.  My ingenious scheme allowed me to avoid the camera except on a few rare occasions.  Many years from now, relatives will go through the many family photos in my collection and probably wonder what ‘Natasha’ looked like.

I’ve been on TV and have had my photo in the newspaper and thought that I really didn’t look that bad.  So I don’t know what my issue is with having my photo taken.

I don’t know if anything has been written about me but I’m sure it doesn’t matter – people believe what they want to anyway.  Whatever is written about me – I hope it’s creative, not boring.  But it will most likely not be true.

Dear Brother-in-law:

How much would you charge me to get the video you took at your dad’s 90th birthday party?  You remember it – the one with quite a bit of footage of you chasing me like the paparazzi while forcing me to talk to you and the video camera.  All that can be seen is the back of me as I’m running away from you.  In those rare moments you were successful in aiming the camera at my face, I was quick enough to hide my face with my hands.  Yes, that video.  I know you think it was amusing.   How much will it cost to make that video disappear?


Your Sister-in-law



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2 Responses to Daily Prompt: Tables Turned

  1. UltraViolet says:

    There is a line from a song by Annie DiFranco (I think) that goes something along the lines of, “I don’t take good photographs because I have the kind of beauty that moves”. I always think that this is true of me, because while I’m actually a pretty striking woman, in photos I always look like Mrs Potatohead. Maybe it’s true of you, too?

    • Natasha says:

      I’ve been told that I have good features so I shouldn’t have the problem I do with photographs. I know I look much better at different angles and different lighting but it’s not easy to get those good shots. My best photos are those that are not posed.

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