Daily Prompt: Keep out


I use a pseudonym as I write this blog but freely use the names of my deceased husbands and my cats (because my cats can’t read) but try to avoid naming those people who might not be comfortable with my mention of them in my daily writing. I’ve shared my blog address with a few select friends and relatives but I have to expect that those people might share my blog with others.

Mom taught me to be polite to others so I try not to offend anyone. But I am also conflict avoidant – Mom would say that she did not pass on this trait to me!  I won’t hold a grudge but unkindness lives forever in my memory.  I find it difficult to talk or write about my negative feelings about the actions of others and will only do so if those feelings or actions are integral to the story.

I hadn’t written anything that I’d worry about someone reading until I posted A Love Story on July 1, 2013.  I used the word “resentment” in the second to last paragraph to represent a negative personal interaction that was necessary to this story.  I’ll accept the consequences if the post is discovered.

I can only hope that this person will never read my blog.

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