Daily Prompt: Your Life, the Book


Who would I choose to write my biography? My biographer should be a writer who is prominent on my bookshelf. Many of them are dead, but of course, these writing prompts give us license to write fantasy so it doesn’t matter.

The only living author on my bookshelf is Stephen King. I love his stories but I’m afraid he’d write a creepy ending for me which wouldn’t be accurate since I’m planning to die peacefully in my sleep from natural causes.

Wilkie Collins would write a very melodramatic story of my life and he’d make even my bad deeds seem noble. His good friend Dickens would tell my story more as I see my life from day to day – dreary and sad. But it would be too depressing for anyone to read.

Kierkegaard and Kafka would tell my life story with a sad sense of hopeless existentialism.

My biography as written by Dostoeyvsky would examine every moment of my life with a view to psychologizing my life story. I would be interested in his analysis of my psyche.

C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton would liven up my biography with just a good amount of fantasy but provide a moral to my story.

Mark Twain might write it best – with a touch of humor and irony. He would cut through all the blather about my accomplishments, loves and losses – none of that romantic sentimentalism – and that would be fine with me. With my luck though, it would be written as a tragic story more along the lines of The Mysterious Stranger.

In reality though, I don’t know anyone who knows me well enough to write truthfully about me. My good friends prove every day how little they know about me and Mom is not much better at describing me.

I’ll let my writing speak for me.

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