Unemployed but in a better mood

I applied for 18 positions this week and only three of them are job scams.  There haven’t been many new jobs to choose from lately.  Many job listings that I receive in my email are for specific positions that have been advertised for several months.  I can’t be sure if those companies are really trying to hire anyone for the positions.

I reached the milestone this week of applying for 300 positions.  In that time, I have had three in-person interviews and two phone interviews.

I had a good interview for a volunteer position at the hospital and am happy that someone wants me to work with them even if for free.  I am hoping to begin my volunteer position in two weeks.

I have not heard from my old employer concerning the group interview last week and I’ll assume I didn’t get the position.  So I applied for another new position on Friday with my old company.

I found out through a third-party that my friend A. started a new job two weeks ago.  A. hadn’t told me that she had received a job offer and didn’t call me because she didn’t want me to feel bad about her good news since I am still unemployed.  I told her that I was happy that she was working but admitted that I was a little envious but have a few prospects in the works.  I really am happy for her.

I went to a birthday party and saw some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.  One or two of these friends asked me if I had been trying hard enough to find a job.  I was annoyed but polite when I responded that I had applied for 300 positions and have not found a job.

The positive response I had for the volunteer position has improved my mood.

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