The half-century party

Last night I attended the surprise 50th birthday party for my friend C.  C. is 8 months younger than me and I was happy to let my milestone go unnoticed.  I don’t think much about my age or getting older except for recent job interviews with young recruiters and competing applicants.  Then I feel old.

But C. and I don’t look 50 and I can say for myself, I don’t feel that I’m 50 years old, however that is supposed to feel.

The partygoers ranged in age from young children to the oldest (C.’s dad) who is 96 years old.

I’m sure the younger generation just thinks that anyone over 30 is old.  But everyone acts the same age at a really good party.  We all enjoyed watching C.’s 60 year-old husband on the dance floor rapping and dancing along to 99 Problems by Jay Z.  I know I will laugh again when I see the video when it is posted on Facebook.  It was especially amusing to me because I didn’t know that G. listened to Jay Z and G. was sober during his performance.

One of the nice things about getting older is that we seem to care less about what people think when we don’t act our age.

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