Daily Prompt: Back to School


As a teen, I attended college as an art student but earned a Bachelor’s degree in History in my 40s.  I went back to school because finishing my degree became a personal accomplishment, not something that I hoped would help me get a promotion or a job. These days, I’m not sure it matters having a degree when everyone is expected to have one. Why do retail stores, car rental agencies and other entry level employers require a degree when the pay is just above minimum wage?

I’d prefer to take classes in the things that interest me.  I wouldn’t go back to school to get my art degree but I’d take some design classes.  I am fascinated at some of the things that can be done using a computer, something we didn’t have when I went to art school in the early 1980s.  I didn’t see a computer until about 1983 when a friend showed me his Commodore computer.  While I ran errands for my supervisor to pick up punched cards that were generated from our aircraft maintenance reports, I never saw the computer that punched the cards.

I had a few jobs that included basic word processing and data entry through the 1980s-early 1990s.  We didn’t have a computer at home until the mid-1990s when a relative gave us his second-hand computer.  It was hard to get any time on it though as Richard became addicted to the design and gaming possibilities afforded by this new toy.  His work in digitally restoring some of the antique photos in my collection was quite impressive.  I started to think I had made a mistake not completing my degree in commercial design.  Who knew then what the future would bring?

I’d like to learn how to do some programming and web design.  I am highly proficient in many office programs and applications so I have no fear of the computer but I’d like to learn new computer skills.  I am fascinated by computer technology even if I am sometimes slow to use it.

I’d like to take a language class as well.  I am unable to apply for many local jobs as I am not bilingual.  I know that when I begin volunteering at the hospital, it would be helpful if I can communicate with patients and families in the dominant non-English language of my area.  I see that there are many classes that teach new immigrants the English language.  It seems there should be Spanish language classes available if I am expected to speak Spanish.  I haven’t found a Spanish class yet and Rosetta Stone is out of my price range right now.

It’s never too late to go back to school and there is so much yet to learn.

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2 Responses to Daily Prompt: Back to School

  1. lucycatten says:

    Totally agree. Do what lights your fire and then see where it takes you. I will do my Literature Masters when the funds allow. It won’t aid my career but I will love doing it.

    • Natasha says:

      I think it is better to study those things that interest us. My mid-life Bachelor’s degree in History began as a Marketing degree. My then-supervisor and mentor suggested that I pursue the field of study that interested me, not the one that I thought might further my career. And I’m not sure that a degree in Marketing would really help me now.

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