Never again

“Never again”

I said those words when Richard died.   My friends and his family told me I was too young to say I’d never get married again.

I had 20 years with Richard.   We had a good marriage and I was accustomed to being a wife.  After he died, I felt I could never be with anyone else without being unfaithful to his memory.

After a few years, I decided I’d like to have a companion.   I met Stephen who was sweet and funny.  We became friends.  Then we became more than friends.  When he said he loved me, I had to deal with the feelings I had for him that I couldn’t explain.  I realized that I loved him too.   The truth was… I was crazy about him.

Stephen would ask me from time to time, “You don’t want to get married again, do you?”  I didn’t think he was asking me to marry him but wanted to know if marriage was my intent.   I think I finally gave him the right answer when I said, “If you ask me, I’d  marry you.”   Because he was divorced, he was shy about marrying again so I told him that I didn’t need to be married since I was already committed to him.  However, I secretly wanted him to ask me to marry him.   He began dropping hints about getting married.  I caught him hinting about marrying me when he spoke to his mum on the phone!  After four years together, I still didn’t place any pressure on him to get married but knew that he was becoming more comfortable with the thought of being married.

Then we discovered that he had cancer.

One night in the hospital, Stephen anxiously and shyly asked me to marry him.   I said yes and we were married at his bedside.   I lost him three weeks later.   I don’t regret marrying him.

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2 Responses to Never again

  1. suzie81 says:

    A beautiful yet heartbreaking story… I’m very sorry for your loss…

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