Drowning in Sadness

Richard M. Ankers - Author

There’s a sadness that dwells in my soul
It wets my heart and dampens my dreams
I’m drowning in slow motion
When all I wish to do is fly
I wonder, if I concentrate, focus my mind
If I can force my sadness up
Wring it from my inner self
Past my sinking heart
And out of the wells that are my eyes
Will I be able to weep so much pain
From the core of my being
I hope so
For the rain clouds I fly through
Have washed it all in
And no matter how high I rise
How hard I strive
The sun, and its drying
Seems forever far from my mind
The sadness has taken me, within and without
But as a new born I could breathe underwater
And as an adult I am striving to

Image courtesy of Google images and alsonbeh92.blogspot.com

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