Natasha’s garden

I spent less than five minutes of deliberate thought when choosing Natasha’s Memory Garden as the name for this blog.

A few years ago, I assumed the nickname Natasha after a friend made a silly joke about my presumed connection with the KGB as well as my enjoyment of a cartoon series featuring two KGB  spies, a moose and a squirrel.  (No, I have never been affiliated with the KGB.)

I never had a garden until I met Stephen.  He wouldn’t let me touch his rose garden until I proved to him that I wasn’t afflicted with my family’s hereditary “brown thumb.”  I created a rose garden in front of my house in memory of Richard and Stephen.  Stephen would have been proud of my rose garden.  I believe Richard would also have been impressed by it.

Natasha’s Memory Garden has been a venue for me to write about serious and personal issues such as unemployment, health care, cancer and death and sentimental themes such as love and remembrance.  I would like the blog be more about what I’m feeling at any particular moment, hence my recent posting of Laurel and Hardy videos as well as light posts about everyday things such as Bed Bath and Beyond coupons and my adorable cats.  My cats love posing for the camera. They don’t care about anonymity.

Let’s not forget the rose garden.  I enjoy showing photos of my roses from time to time.

The Twenty Ten theme seemed to be the most appropriate presentation style for Natasha’s Memory Garden and the font size is easily readable. Note that the Frauds and Scams blog has the Fusion theme that is more appropriate to the subject matter of that blog.

The theme of Natasha’s Memory Garden is evolving as I share snippets of myself and my personality in my blog.  The About page could be better developed and will change as time goes on.  I periodically review my blog posts from the standpoint of the reader who does not know Natasha/me.  I surprise myself when I read what I have shared in my blog. But my personality is much too complicated to be explained in individual blog postings as I share with the reader only what I want the reader to know about me.  And only in small portions.  Some discretion is necessary since not everything needs to be shared with the world.  The reader will never know everything there is to know about me just as my friends and family will only know what I choose to show them in real life.

What I show them will always be the truth.


Simon Xavier

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5 Responses to Natasha’s garden

  1. weggieboy says:

    You have one of the better blog names. Thanks for telling more about how you came about naming it “Natasha’s memory garden”! (I was a big Rocky & Bullwinkle fan as a kid, but I never suspected your connection to Natasha!)

    One can’;t be too careful chosing a name for one’s blog. Once you commit to a name, well, it’s somewhat like changing the address on your drivier’s license when you move to a new place. It’s doable, buit what a pain!

    The name I chose for mine is too limiting and confusing to people unfamiliar with my medical history. At the time I chose the name, it fit, but time and circumstances changed, mostly for the better, making the original name restrictive. Till I convince myself otherwise and rename the blog, the subtitle, “surviving retirement with two cats”, helps refocus and redefine what I have a blog for.

    You, on the other hand, have a great name I predict you’ll be able to use indefinitely!

    • Natasha says:

      Natasha Fatale is a funny name that stuck with me. And I’m still a fan of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show – I have the complete set on DVD. Natasha’s Memory Garden works for this blog but if I want to change my direction in writing, I might create a third blog with a new identity. I think it may be difficult for the readers to associate the Natasha persona with Frauds and Scams (but perhaps not if the reader has Natasha Fatale in mind, lol) – that is why I have a second blog. But it’s twice the work to post each day.

      If you change your name, your followers may not recognize you – for a while anyway.

  2. stubblytroll says:

    Ah, you chase the squirrel and the bull, do you? Oh, I am green with envy, I would love to have any of Rocky and Bullwinkle, much less the whole set! (Telling my age, snicker) I used to watch them every Saturday, religiously! They were one of my favorites. Still are. Now that I am old and useless (not), I have added Fraggle Rock to my repertoire, 🙂 Now that I understand the reason behind your blog name, I think it suits. And I agree, people reveal too, too much these days. You are very wise. Stubbs 🙂

    • Natasha says:

      Thank you for your comment. I think it takes a lot of courage for an adult to admit to watching children’s programs. lol. They take on new meaning (innuendo) that we would not have understood as children. Bullwinkle Moose is my favorite character from the show, but Bullwinkle’s Memory Garden doesn’t sound as nice, does it?

      • stubblytroll says:

        Well, it has a certain ring to it……. Yes, looking back, I “get” things that I didn’t even notice as a child. Why would I? But now, cartoons are either “adult” or learning, and never the twain shall meet. I miss the old stuff. They were clean, yes, but so what if they had propaganda for the times in them? That is exactly what Rocky and Bullwinkle was/is, and I wasn’t even scarred by it. As a parent, I understand the need to protect one’s child, but, today, people are just stupid about it sometimes. Just MHO. Stubbs

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