Unintentionally memorable


Sudden recognition

And the questions

“I know I’ve met you?”


“Where have I seen you before?”


“I know who you are”

I wish I knew how they know me

I don’t know them

They make me feel that I’m someone

Who should be remembered

But I feel uncomfortably



I don’t want to stand out

But I’m encouraged to lead

Or manage important things

I stand out when I’m not really trying

My name or face

Is remembered

When I’m doing something important

Or just being myself


Sometimes interesting

Sometimes entertaining

But never looking for attention

And usually unaware of myself


“Where have I seen you before?”

I don’t recognize them

Though they are sure they know me

So I’ll slyly answer,

“Perhaps you’ve seen me on TV or in the news?”

“Yes, that must be it,” they say

And they are convinced that I’m right

I’ll leave it at that

It’s better that way

I don’t want to bring attention to myself



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