Transition from unemployment to underemployment

I’ve worked twenty hours over the last two weeks as a volunteer at the hospital. I can’t explain how much I love working there.  If I did, it would seem abnormal (to normal people) that working again feels so good.  I don’t watch the clock and I hate to say goodbye to my co-workers at the end of the day.  They must be wondering about the strange woman who looks forward to coming to work each day for free.  I want to continue working there – for free – or as an employee if an opportunity presents itself.  I know the hospital and staff from my previous experience as a caregiver for my husband and find that I am comfortable working with cancer patients. The hospital seems to appreciate my help. That is important to me as well.

I passed my drug test and criminal background check (not a surprise!), so I begin orientation this week for my part-time retail position.  Now I’m feeling nervous about the new job.  I don’t know why I feel this way. It probably has to do with the fact that I’ve been unemployed for more than a year and I’ve lost some confidence during that time.  I don’t know yet how many hours I will work at the store as it is a casual position but at least I can continue my work at the hospital.  I need the income but am nervous about starting over again.  I’m also concerned about whether the income will be sufficient but I won’t know that until I have an established schedule.  I spoke with a relative who told me I over-think too much about the future.  She’s right but I can’t change that part of my personality.

I have a short commute for both the retail and hospital positions so I know I’ll be in a better mood about going to work every day.  I have had unhappiness and fatigue over the past few years of commuting for several hours each day.

I want to update my resume and LinkedIn profile but I’m not sure when I should make the changes to the profiles.  I worked for one company for many years and only updated my resume when I wanted to interview for another position in the same company.   LinkedIn didn’t exist so many years ago.  I think that after two weeks at the hospital, I can now add the volunteer position to my resume.  I’ll wait until after the first day at my retail position to revise my resume.  I don’t know when it would be considered acceptable to add either position to my LinkedIn profile.  I’ll wait awhile before I add them to my list of employers on my Facebook page.  If anyone can share the proper etiquette for updating the resume or online profile, I’d appreciate the advice.

I heard from a friend and former co-worker that the layoffs in my old company are continuing due to consolidation and reorganization.  I feel sorry for those who are joining the ranks of the unemployed.  I don’t think it is any easier being unemployed now than it was a year ago.

I’m happy though to have the new job even though it is a part-time position as it will help me make the transition back into the workforce and into a somewhat more normal life.




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