Chill out

I appear as though

I have it all figured out

With everything is in

Its place

But my brain is in


I can’t slow down

I’m on the edge

Of exhaustion


I try to do only

The things I need to do

“Chill out”

Confused by those words

I never learned to

Take it easy

Though it is easy for some

Hyperactive and productive

But bone-weary


Sit down and

Have a cup of coffee

Take time to admire

The roses

Write a few words

Each day

Scritch the cats

They say that is

Relaxing for cats

And their humans


Scritching the cats

And watching the cats

They know how

To do what I can’t do


And chill out


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2 Responses to Chill out

  1. suzie81 says:

    Aww, how sweet!

    Loved the poem too!

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