What’s in a name?


My real name is not Natasha.   Mom told me that she and my Dad gave me a French name in honor of my grandmother.  Years later, I discovered that my grandfather had been hiding his French ancestry for much of his adult life.  Therefore, in reality, I was named in honor of both of them.

I have an uncommon name that originated in the 1920s by combining two names – one English and one French name.  The French portion of the name is derived from a masculine name that was also the name of an emperor.  The feminine form of the name means “beloved.”  My name is uncommon enough that I am surprised when I meet someone with the same name and they are surprised as well to meet someone with their name.  My name is made up of just six letters and two syllables but it is difficult to pronounce and spell – especially by non-native speakers of English.  Richard and Stephen called me only by the first syllable of my name – and they were the only ones I allowed to use my name in that way. When Richard was annoyed with me, he would add my middle name as well.  I knew if I heard both names, I was in for a lecture.

I grew up with first and last names that didn’t sound right together and could be a tongue twister.  I chose to give up my father’s name when I married Richard.  Richard’s surname seemed a perfect match for my first name.  I now legally use a double-barrelled name that is a combination of Richard’s and Stephen’s surnames and my name has become much more interesting.

Everyone tells me I have such a pretty name and I share their opinion.  It’s a shame that I use a pseudonym.

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4 Responses to What’s in a name?

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  2. I too have a French name which English speakers never spell correctly. 🙂

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