The best part of waking up…

Coffee is the one thing I don’t want to go without each day.  Is this a luxury or an addiction? 

I first fell in love with the taste of coffee when I was a teenager and learned how to use Mom’s 1970s model of the Mr. Coffee maker.

I stepped up my intake of caffeine while I was in the Navy.  My shipmates and I each  drank at least a dozen cups of coffee a day to get through our work and duty shifts.

I’ve gone through phases when I’ve tried to give up coffee but realized that I really like the taste of it and would rather switch to decaf coffee than quit drinking coffee altogether.

One or two cups of coffee will get me going for the day.  Coffee is the perfect ending to a meal.   I have also enjoyed coffee as a way to relax at the end of the day.

I have found that diner coffee is the best coffee in the world.  A malfunctioning coffee maker can make me very unhappy and anxious.  I get very fussy about coffee when I am dining in restaurants.  I don’t like lukewarm, burned, stale or oily coffee.

I visited England last year and discovered that I didn’t enjoy the coffee served in  the pubs or restaurants.  I resorted to drinking tea during my visit.  Although I didn’t want to leave England, I was looking forward to starting up my Keurig brewer as soon as I arrived home in New Jersey.

My love of coffee is probably a luxury and an addiction.  I don’t care.  I want my coffee.


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4 Responses to The best part of waking up…

  1. Awesome haha. I want my coffee too

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