Crazy for You

I’d never felt this way before
And didn’t know why
I couldn’t bear to be away from you
For only minutes or a day
Everyone who saw us together
Knew that I was in love with you
I couldn’t stop kissing you
And you gave me all
The kisses I wanted

We talked for hours but
I was captivated as I listened
To your stories and dreams
And looking into your
Beautiful blue eyes

You said that someday
You’d have to “fly”
I cried when you said
You’d go back to your country
Your words made me cry
And I told you I didn’t want you to leave
I was happy when you said,
“Silly, I’d take you with me.”
I can’t believe I didn’t know
That you loved me as much
As I loved you

I am still in love with you
And I haven’t stopped crying for you
Even though I know you didn’t want to leave
I’ll probably be crying
Until I see you again


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