Not dressed for the occasion

I wrote about my baby shoe collection for my Daily Prompt post Baby’s got new shoes.  But I am missing another pair of shoes that belongs in my collection of shoes that have sentimental value to me.

Richard loved his black leather dress shoes. He had them resoled for more than 20 years because he refused to throw them away and buy new shoes.  He wore the shoes with formal attire as well as with his dress Navy uniform.  No one could tell that the shoes were 20 years old as he spit-shined them to a high gloss.

When Richard died. I brought a set of clothes to the funeral director for his final dressing out – his favorite dark blue pin-stripe suit, tie and, of course, his black leather dress shoes.

The funeral director called me later to tell me that we had a problem.  Richard was 6’6” and was too tall to be placed in a standard casket.  I would have buy a larger casket and a larger grave plot which meant that he could not be buried with his family.  I knew that Richard would not want to be buried separately from his Mom and Dad.  As he was always sensitive about his height and weight, he would have been mortified to know that he needed a larger casket.

I asked the funeral director to create a solution so that we would not have to make alternate funeral arrangements.  He suggested and tried elevating Richard’s head in the casket and this attempt gained some space – but not enough to solve the problem.  I then asked the funeral director to remove Richard’s shoes for a better fit.  Success.

At the viewing, no one knew that Richard was laid out in his suit and socks as the viewing casket was closed and did not display the lower part of his body .  I hope Richard forgave me for sending him shoe-less into the afterlife.

Sometime after the funeral, I realized that the funeral home never returned Richard’s shoes to me.  I wonder what the funeral home did with his shoes?

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