Counting kisses

I always asked but
you never told me
Why you gave me
Three kisses on the lips
I followed them with kisses
On your face and neck
I was hungry for your kisses

Others wondered why
You gave me three kisses
Whenever we saw each other
And when I went out
You weren’t ashamed and
I wanted your kisses
I knew that I was the only one
Who got three kisses from you

The day I became your wife
I leaned over to kiss you
You surprised me when
You gave me four kisses
I knew then that I was special to you
And that you loved me

When you closed your
Eyes for the last time
I gave you four kisses
I knew you wouldn’t mind
Since I would never again
Enjoy counting your kisses

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2 Responses to Counting kisses

  1. My wife and I always gave each other three kisses. We explained it this way … The first was for all the yesterdays, a thanksgiving. The second was for today, the here and now, letting each of us know how much the other is loved and appreciated. The third is for all our tomorrows, a promissory note on the future. To me, now widowed, the third kiss was so much more meaningful.

    • Natasha says:

      Stephen didn’t tell me the reason for the three kisses but I knew they were only for me. As soon as we were married, he added a fourth kiss. I guess I don’t really need to know the meaning anymore, I have the memory of his kisses.

      Thank you for sharing your interpretation of the three kisses.

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