I was scheduled to begin orientation at the hospital today as a new employee.  My start date has been delayed as my background check is not yet complete.  My medical testing has been received by Human Resources but I cannot get clearance to begin work until HR receives the reports for my criminal background check, credit check and employment verification.

The recruiter at the hospital told me that my background check may take a little longer than usual as I have used different names over the years.  My employment verification may hit a snag when the person doing my background check finds that a company I worked for over 20 years ago is no longer in business.  There is nothing that will appear in my criminal background check.  My employment, education and military records are accurate and my credit is excellent.  But I have gone to school, lived in and worked in states other than New Jersey and this verification may take some time.

So why am I so anxious?  I really want this job.  I hope the hospital will hold the position for me for the time required for my background check.

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