Colorful characters

Some families have ancestors who were highly regarded and written about in local histories.  Other ancestors and relatives aren’t discussed in family circles because they brought shame to their families in various ways.  Some of the more colorful characters in our families can’t be forgotten because there is evidence of their lives and deeds in the newspapers of their day.

The following is an advertisement of a product by an enterprising ancestor of my step-father.  The great-grandfather was a snake-oil salesman whose occupation would have been described as a “huckster.”  J.T. Price immigrated from England in the late 1800s to New England.  His origin in England is not clear as Price (Preece) is a common name and J.T. provided various accounts of his age and origin in the census.  His reason for emigration to the U.S. is also unknown.  The advertisement for Price’s Pneumonia Destroyer is an interesting addition to a family history collection.

price ad

Black sheep ancestors or other colorful characters make family history research much more interesting.

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8 Responses to Colorful characters

  1. chmjr2 says:

    What a great find for your family history. I bet he has many hidden stories.

  2. Hahaa, this is a piece of crazy family history!

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