Hearing his voice

My cell phone is malfunctioning so I ordered a replacement phone from Verizon Wireless.  Verizon Wireless can’t guarantee that my text and voice mail messages will transfer to my new phone.  I installed an application on my cell phone called SMS Backup+ and have transferred my text messages to Google mail.   At the suggestion of Verizon, I visited the website for CBW Productions to place an order to have my voice mail messages recorded and transferred to a CD.   I gave CBW Productions my voice mail password and expect them to record my messages within the next 3-5 days. 

What could be so important that I’d make the effort to archive cell phone messages?  I have text and voice messages from my late husband Stephen.

My collection of family mementoes includes video and audio samples of few of the important people in my life who have passed away over the years.  Several years ago, I had old family videos and previously converted 8mm films of my first husband and his family transferred from VHS to DVD.  I have several spoken audio (cassette) tapes that my grandfather recorded in the 1970s-1980s while traveling as well as a few of his recorded phone conversations.  I  remember my grandfather’s voice but I get sentimental when I listen to the tapes.

Over the four years I had with Stephen, I missed his phone call only seven times. I have seven messages that will be recorded for me to playback when I am feeling sad when I think of him.  The messages are short, informal, funny, and at times, inappropriate, but I will enjoy hearing his voice again.

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