A chance encounter with the competition

I went to my local bank branch today to make a deposit.  Two months ago, I had attended a group interview for a position at the branch with my old employer of 18 years.  I did not get the job. I didn’t think I did very well at the interview though I was the only applicant with previous experience with the bank.

I recognized the financial services consultant who greeted me at the front door and said hello to her.  But I didn’t remember why I recognized her.  When I completed my transaction with the teller, I remembered how I knew the consultant.  She was one of the other applicants at the group interview.  Since the consultant had stepped away from her desk for a few minutes, I decided to wait to speak with her.  The teller informed her that a customer wanted to speak to her.

“Sara” came out to the front office again looking a bit worried that I wanted to speak to her.  I asked Sara if she remembered me and although she recognized me, she also couldn’t remember where we had met before.

I reminded her that we had interviewed for the same position.  I congratulated her on winning the position.  I also told her that I am happy that the bank did not offer me the position as I got the position I wanted at the local cancer center.

She seemed sincerely happy for me that I had a job I wanted and was probably also relieved that my intent in approaching her was in friendliness.  I don’t know why I chose to speak with her about the position.  I really am an introvert.

I’m happy that she got the job at the bank.  It made me feel good to know that each of us got the job we really wanted.

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2 Responses to A chance encounter with the competition

  1. weggieboy says:

    A healthy attitude! Everyone a winner here.

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