Old Photographs


Boxes of old photographs
Under beds or stairs or up in attics
If they all went up in flames
If nothing real remained to show
Your past, would you still know the names
And faces left in places
Gone away, never to return
The lessons that you learned and lost
In those old photographs you’ve kept
And slept beside without an eye
On who you were? Is the character
Still fixed, the one you think you know
So well? And can you really tell
There’s nothing there you’ve lost
And need to find again? Today
I found a boy I thought did not exist
He led me to this house, down
Many different paths, his life which
Became who I was before the person
Who I was before the person I am now
And I’m uncertain how I ever let him go
But I know that I am truly grateful

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3 Responses to Old Photographs

  1. tzb33 says:

    Thanks for the reblog, glad you liked the poem!

  2. So happy you shared this ~ love this poem!

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