Remembering better times

Mom recently sent me the following photo of her and my late stepfather.


I had never seen the photo and I thought it was really funny. My stepfather had a sense of humor but it was never what could be considered “silly” humor.  So I know that the red noses and reindeer antlers were Mom’s idea. I didn’t inherit Mom’s sense of humor or dressing up. Well, maybe one time.  I joined my fellow animal shelter volunteers in the city’s Halloween parade.  We dressed as cats and dogs and paraded up and down the main street of the city.  I dressed up as a cat.  To be fair, Richard had passed away earlier in the year and I know I wasn’t in my right mind…

The photo of my mom and step-dad is dated 1991 – six years after their divorce.  They continued as a couple for a number of years before they finally moved on from their marriage and divorce.  I had hoped that they might eventually remarry but that never happened.

The photo makes me laugh and reminds me of better times.

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