Wisdom From Above (short fiction)

I read this post the same day I wrote about bullying in the workplace and I thought the timing was appropriate. The concept of “forceful coexistence” is probably useful at work as well.

solomon-judgement[1]Daily Prompt: Conflicted

You’re in the middle of a terrible argument, and everyone turns to you to help resolve it. How do you respond? How do you react to conflict?

Fourteen year old Annie stormed into the living room where her dad was reading the newspaper. “Dad, he’s doing it again,” she said with her fists clenched tightly against her hips.

“What,” Frank said.

“He’s pestering me again,” Annie said. “I want to be left alone. He keeps knocking at my door and making weird noises and when I go to my door he runs back to his room. He came in my room and farted and left. He stole my diary and began reading it. I can’t take him anymore. Can you do something?”

Frank placed the paper beside his chair and slowly walked to Jeffey’s room, a ten-year old bundle of mischief. He knocked and entered. Jeffey was laying on…

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