Letters to the deceased

My first husband passed away eight years ago.  He would have been 65 years old this year.  Within the past year, I began to receive offers and correspondence from Medicare health insurers and other various organizations who are vying for Richard’s business since the companies are aware that he would have been eligible for Social Security and Medicare.  I suppose no one checks or scrubs lists before sending mailings to long-deceased people or their widows. 

I remember when I received a letter from Social Security in early 2005 that began “…our records indicate that your marriage ended on (date of my husband’s death.)”  I was initially hurt when I received the letter because I wasn’t yet really aware that my marriage had “ended.”  I feel annoyance now when I receive this kind of correspondence because I am reminded again of my loss as well as the  lack of consideration of the companies using outdated mailing lists.

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7 Responses to Letters to the deceased

  1. That’s very heartless by others. I’m very sorry that must be upsetting.

  2. I am sure this is very upsetting to you ~ how rude, incompetent and nsensitive ~ my Dad passed away about a year ago and we get phone calls from people who insist on speaking to him. I’ve become numb and now answer whatever comes to my head when they are rude. And sometimes I do shock them. My heart goes out to you. It’s not easy and I’m sorry that this continues to happen. There’s no reason for it. xo

  3. weggieboy says:

    My Dad died in 2008. I still get mail for him, mail from organizations he supported at one time. I’ve tried to get the mail stopped by writing “Deceased- Return to Sender” on the outside and putting it back in the mail. The mail continues to come.

    I’ve written letters explaining a dead man generally doesn’t want any damn solicitations, and his living son is not too happy to get reminders his father is dead and can’t stop the mail himself…. I’ve stopped being nice about it!

    Now, I just toss his mail.

    An uncle who died in 1992 still gets solicitations from an organization he supported. Uncle John would be 114 by now or dead 21 years. I wish the organization could figure that out, especially since my Dad, then I after my Dad tried to stop the letters back in the 1990s. I just toss them now,

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