Speaking her language

Sofia Caterina is a beautiful grey tortie cat who steals the hearts of everyone she meets until they discover her temperament.

I was known at the animal shelter for taking home elderly cats and cats with behavior problems as it was difficult to find homes for them.  Sofia was a young cat who acted as if she had a split personality.  Mostly a bad personality.  I took her home from the shelter about six years ago.  The other shelter volunteers were happy to see her leave even though I promised only to foster her until she found a home.  Well, she found a home.  My home.

Sofia bites, scratches and lunges at ankles.  She shamelessly attacks her cat brothers Simon and Alexander.  Everyone knows I have at least one cat because of the scratches on my arms and ankles.  I warn every visitor not to trust her as she bewitches them with her eyes and her feigned interest in the attention she receives.  When Mom came to visit, I warned her not to touch Sofia and reprimanded her later as I treated the wounds she tried to hide from me.  “But she’s so pretty,” Mom said.

Sofia reminds me of the cat in the following photo:

cat plotting

I noticed recently that Sofia started showing an interest in my Spanish language lessons.  As I listen to the audio of the Instant Immersion Spanish CD on my laptop and practice speaking Spanish, Sofia rubs against me, kisses me, touches my face and arms with her paws, walks across the keyboard, and otherwise won’t allow me concentrate on my lessons.  She isn’t that friendly when she is schmoozing me for breakfast and dinner.

The first few times I worked on my language lessons, I tried to pretend that there was no connection between the Spanish language CD and Sofia’s excessive amorous behavior towards me.  Her affection towards me during the language lessons is becoming difficult to ignore.

I don’t know why Sofia is acting so strangely.  I have recently started buying the daily newspaper El Diario La Prensa to hone my Spanish comprehension skills.  I think I will begin having a nightly session reading the newspaper to Sofia so I can enjoy her caresses and kisses.


My little senorita

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6 Responses to Speaking her language

  1. jackcollier says:

    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that you cat isn’t out to get you.

  2. weggieboy says:

    Good for you! I applaud anyone and everyone who takes home shelter cats, especially older ones! I’ve had good experience with older shelter cats myself, though there are those odd behavior issues sometimes.

    One of the great cats I’ve every had, Louie the Ginger cat, was mild-behaviored with me, but a holy terror with other cats, a real bully.

    Once I realized that, I made sure he didn’t have an opportunity to take on other cats in the neighborhood. He’d been a stray for some period of his life before i had him, so (reasonably) had to be tough to survive.

    • Natasha says:

      I’ve taken them from the street and from the shelter and learned to live with the behavior issues. Although I’ve had cats with behavior problems, I’ve never had a bad cat. I’ve loved every one of them.

  3. Maybe Sofia came from a Spanish-speaking household & now in ‘English land’ she’s not happy? Maybe Spanish sounds like beautiful music to her cat soul? You may calm her down yet, Natasha! 😉

    • Natasha says:

      You may be right about that. Cats have very good memories. Alexander will still respond if I call him Tangerine even though he was renamed more than 10 years ago.

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