Another birthday

I had another birthday this week.

I am now 51 years old.  I don’t feel any differently than I did when I turned 50… or 40… or 30… or 20!  I don’t feel my age but I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel at age 51. I am very healthy and have an active life.

I have now lived past my father’s lifespan – 49 years.  If I live another 6 years, I will outlive the lifespan of both husbands who passed away at age 56.  Many of my older relatives have passed away or are very elderly.

Thinking about outliving the people who are special to me is very sobering.  I may live for many more years.  It’s a shame that I can’t share those years with the ones I love the most.

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4 Responses to Another birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to you ~ your somber note touched my heart. I wish you could share those years with the ones you love, but they remain in your heart…and perhaps you’ll develop new ones as well, not to replace but to enhance your memories. xoxo

  2. chmjr2 says:

    I recall when I reached the age that I out lived my Father. It was sobering to be sure. However my best wishes for your birthday.

    • Natasha says:

      I was aware of the milestone for the year prior to the event. I was going through widowhood for the second time and somehow just couldn’t deal with the thought of outliving the people I cared about. Thank you for your comment.

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