Dry Your Eyes

This post made me cry…but it was worth the tears.

Richard M. Ankers - Author

 Angels have shown me the way home
 A million miles of candles flicker in the night
 A guiding line, a demarcation between life and death
 They mark my way back to you from the beyond, my love
 For no force on Heaven or Earth could separate us for long
 It is a path I have made once before
 But relit, destiny in reverse
 Do not stray, hold your breath, touch your heart
 I am returning, on my way, won’t be long
 The time it takes for a petal to fall
 A tear to be shed in mourning
 A heart to break in sadness
 The loss only makes for a greater reunion
 And I’ve waited too long already, my love
 Far too long
 I’m coming home, my love, dry your eyes
 Dry your eyes

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