Earlier in the year, I was told that my cat Alexander has a brain tumor.  Alexander is now also blind.  His diagnosis helped me understand and accept the various behavioral and neurological changes I have witnessed over the past few months in caring for him.  I dread making the decision to take him for the final visit to the vet when it is apparent that he is having too much pain.

I came home at 10pm on Saturday night after my shift at the store.  The cats were resting as usual.  But Alexander was “rumbling.”  He wasn’t purring, he was loudly rumbling as he sat on the floor.  I have heard that “rumbling” might indicate that a cat is in pain or discomfort. I held Alexander for a while as he continued to rumble and then placed him in the dog bed on the floor next to my bed.  The rumble quieted after a while and Alexander finally fell asleep.  He seemed normal again this morning.

It is difficult to know how Alexander is feeling.  He can’t tell me when and where he is feeling pain.  He gets irritable and has trouble walking and standing up.  But he has a good appetite and is first to appear for breakfast and dinner.  Alexander “talks” to me from time to time and wants my attention. I don’t know what to make of Alexander’s “rumbling” but I have a sense that it means that his health is on the decline.


Alexander in his dog bed

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2 Responses to Rumbling

  1. We have had cats our entire marriage. We still have three (my wife can’t say no to strays), and took our eldest cat to the vet a little over a year ago as she was in so much pain, it was time. But after the experience I vowed never to take our cats there again. If you can afford it, see if there is a service in your area that will come to your house and eustanize your cat at home. Believe me, it will be better for both of you.

    All the best.

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