Decorating the cemetery

I placed the grave blanket last week at the grave for Richard and his parents.  Stephen was cremated and his cremains were inurned in a local cemetery that is a few miles from the cemetery where Richard was interred.  Stephen’s daughter preferred that her father be inurned in a cemetery in her city and I was agreeable to the arrangement so I visit two cemeteries when I pay my respects to both Richard and Stephen.

I can’t place floral decorations for Stephen since his remains are inurned in a new columbarium that does not yet accommodate the placing of memorial items by relatives and friends.

I visited Stephen’s niche today and was interested in the various grave blankets and decorations on the graves in the cemetery.  The newer section of the cemetery was covered with floral decorations and was quite beautiful.  The older section of the cemetery was relatively bare as many who were interred there had been interred many years ago.

Here and there, though, a grave blanket or decoration could be found on one of the older graves.

I have a curious mind.

I wonder about the person whose grave is still tended (and remembered) and also wonder about the person who continues to visit year after year a generation or more after the death of their relative or friend.

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