Reality and acceptance

I have just completed my annual ritual of making and reviewing my budget for the coming year.  Although my budget is based on last year’s bills and tax amounts, it gives me a good snapshot of my income needs for 2014.

For more than a year, I was unemployed and then found two jobs.  Both jobs combined provide less than half of the income I made as a banker.  I had hoped that I would be able to soon give up my part-time retail job so that I can concentrate on my full-time job at the hospital and also have time for other pursuits.  Based on rough estimates, my full time position will not cover my basic household expenses.

I am now accepting the fact that I will need the second job for at least one more year.  But I am thankful that my part-time employer is flexible and willing to work around my schedule at the hospital.

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One Response to Reality and acceptance

  1. jackcollier7 says:

    Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes it’s unfair. I admire your work ethic and hope it all turns out well for you.

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