The power of Love

Cats at the Bar


There came a day when the world went dark,
A mystery obliterated the sun.
The humans began various procedures,
To see if anything could be done.

The scientists probed their instruments,
They consulted numerous texts.
Not a clue was revealed by their experiments,
Not a hint in this tome or the next.

There were those who lit candles and prayed to Gods,
Apologized for all their sins.
Convinced of mercy and absolution,
Prayer, they claimed, always wins.

Some people just waited for the inevitable,
They moaned, they cried, felt cheated,
How unfair that we should meet such a sorry end,
How dare we be so mistreated!

The Cats observed in a contemplative manner,
Those who panicked or prayed or shirked.
No help there, they sadly realized,
So quickly set to work.

They soon determined the cause of the shadow,
A manifestation of malcontent.
The humans simply couldn’t be satisfied,

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