I thought I’d feel much better when I gave my notice of resignation at the store.  I’d finally have some time for myself away from work.

However, my manager is not willing to accept my resignation at this time and wants to discuss a way to keep me from leaving my job when she returns from vacation.

So I am back where I started.  Unsure about how I can control and manage my time between two jobs – one of which is temporarily changing due to the resignation of my counterpart at the hospital.

I have agreed to change my shift at the hospital on days when I am not working at the store and the hospital. On the other days, I will  work my regular shift at the hospital and work at the store in the evenings.  I will be taking my meals at different times each day based on availability of lunch coverage.  My body clock is not likely to adjust well to the hourly and daily changes to routine.

The situation is not all negative.  I just found out today that my soon-departing colleague’s position has been approved for posting on the job board at the hospital.  I hope the hiring and on-boarding process will take only a few weeks so that work – and my life – can get back to normal.




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One Response to Trepidation

  1. weggieboy says:

    Good luck! (Don’t let the irregular routine wear you down in the meantime…!)

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